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The current driver interaction in an autonomous vehicle is unintuitive. Future car interface concepts take get rid of the steering wheel altogether and replace it with voice commands or screens which also takes away the sense of being in control from the driver.
In Progress
2020 -
This project explores more natural and tactile interactions with an autonomous car that would transform driving into a collaboration between the human and the motion planning algorithms, rather than the „driver“ being just a passive observer. This is a currently ongoing project.
The appeal of self driving cars is that passengers can focus on other activities than driving while they are being transported from A to B. A shift in attitude will be needed to get to the point as people will need to build trust in the technology.
This project focuses on intuitive tactile means of providing input to the vehicle and feedback on what is going on with the car. It could be implemented during the transition period and explores two scenarios:
1. The driver focuses on the road
2. The driver focuses on other activities
Interactions that will be required in an autonomous vehicle were explored and an interaction hierarchy was built. The type of feedback and control interaction depends on the significance of the action. (e.g. stopping the vehicle requires a more intentional interaction then changing the AC temperature)
> Initiate / pause / stop the drive
               > Pull over
               > Switch lanes
                              > Change speed
> Attention is required
               > About to turn
               > Cannot switch lanes
                              > Current speed
Concept #1
Touch screens are incredibly useful and often implemented instead of rigid interfaces with physical buttons because the digital interface can change depending on the type of content. The aim is to create a physical interface that transforms based on the context.
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